Denning Health Group ELITE Program for Industrial Clients

Denning recommends ELITE as an effective tool for the prevention of drug and alcohol problems within safety-sensitive work environments. Since 1995, companies in forestry, mining, and manufacturing have benefited from our experience in creating and implementing such programs. The ELITE program is comprised of an information session for executives; policy development; supervisors training for front-line supervisors; employee education sessions; and drug and alcohol testing. The program can be purchased in its entirety or clients can pick and choose from the options listed below.

Tom Yearwood, LLB
All training sessions are led by Tom Yearwood, LLB. Tom has a law degree from Dalhousie University and he has 20 years experience in writing substance abuse policies.

Executive Information Session

This session is designed for Executives, Managers, Operations Managers, HR Managers, and anyone else who may be asked to make decisions or explain the Substance Abuse Policy. The session will help attendees gain a deeper understanding of the landscape around workplace substance abuse policies and be better equipped to make decisions regarding their own program. The session will also help Tom Yearwood gain a better understanding of the client’s unique workplace environment so that the Substance Abuse Policy that is then drafted will meet all the client’s needs.

Policy Development

Our Substance Abuse Prevention Policies are written by Tom Yearwood, LLB. A Denning Health Group Substance Abuse Prevention Policy will meet both current Canadian Human Rights legislation and Canadian Labour Law.

Supervisors Training

Supervisors’ Intervention Training is an exam-based course intended to improve the supervisor(s) ability to recognize substance abuse in the workplace. Attendees will also gain an understanding of employee(s) who may be troubled by substance abuse and learn how to approach them in a legally defensible manner.

Employee Education

Employee orientation introduces employees to the Substance Abuse Prevention Policy and helps gain their support for the program.

Testing Services

Our drug and alcohol testing services include point-of-care urine drug screens; lab-based urine drug screens; point-of-care oral fluid drug screens; lab-based oral fluid drug screens and breath alcohol tests. With all point-of-care tests, negative results are available within five minutes after collection of the sample. Many of our clients are choosing to implement a program that includes point-of-care testing as it keeps to a minimum the number of employees who are off the job while waiting for a lab-based drug screen result. All samples that are sent to the lab will be reviewed by a Certified Medical Review Officer, which prevents any chance of a false positive due to such factors as a legitimate prescription medication.

If you choose to sign up for our Collection Site Management Program, then we will recruit and train collectors who can conduct on-site testing at your workplace.

How to get started

If you would like to receive a custom proposal for the ELITE program, please email Traci Weaver at or call 604-572-4558.

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