Tom Yearwood, LLB

Tom Yearwood, LLB

Founder, Denning Health Group
Phone: Tel: (604) 572-4558

Tom Yearwood founded the Denning Health Group in 1989. His primary focus has been human rights, labor and employment law—specifically as it relates to implementing successful drug and alcohol testing programs. With over 20 years of executive-level experience, Tom has worked with some of Canada’s leading employers as well as a number of multinational companies and American subsidiaries with business on both sides of the border.

While Tom has worked with a wide variety of clients, he has gained extensive expertise within the forestry, resource extraction and transportation industries. A highly sought after consultant, Tom’s work with designing legally defensible drug and alcohol policies have proven so effective they have yet to be successfully challenged.

Tom holds a degree in law from Dalhousie University.


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