Denning Medical Clinics in BC

With 7 clinics in the lower mainland, The Denning Health Group offers a wide range of medical services. This includes a number of family physician based practices, physiotherapy, and 4 convenient drug and alcohol testing sites.

In addition to our medical staff, The Denning Health Group employs two full-time family practitioners, both of whom act as Medical Review Officers (MROs), advocating to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the drug testing process through regularly scheduled assurance reviews. These Officers provide clients with consultations over the phone to discuss drug test results, written reports and in-court testimony. Our MROs can also provide independent services to third party administrators.

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Denning Medical Clinics in BC

The medical offices of the Denning Health Group provide family medicine and same-day non-emergency care. Employing a variety of specialists, our medical staffs’ are dedicated to providing accessible and convenient patient care. For this reason, our clinics offer extended business hours, as well as weekend hours and short wait list times. Conveniently located in busy shopping malls throughout Surrey, Ladner and Abbotsford, all 7 of our clinics are easily reachable by bus or SkyTrain.

Denning Physiotherapy Clinics in Vancouver

Through our additional medical offices conveniently located in Surrey and Ladner, the Denning Health Group offers patients full-service physiotherapy, as well as exercise therapy and massage therapy. Whether referred by a physician or with a self-referral, patients can receive treatment for a number of conditions, some of which include: car accident injuries, overuse and sports-related injuries, post-operative rehabilitation and spinal pain, hip injuries, arthritis, along with muscle strains and sprains. Our offices accept all competitors’ physiotherapy requisition forms.

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