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Policy Development

developing drug and alcohol policy

For over 20 years The Denning Health Group has been successfully developing and implementing drug & alcohol policies for businesses big and small. Through rigorous industry analysis and sound assessment of your business, we emphasize building a legally defensible policy for alcohol avoidance. Combined with proper education and training for upper management, these policies work to create a safe and healthy environment free from injuries, hazards, drug & alcohol, and also other behaviours that can cost you and your employees more than their job. For that, the main step is to start your drug and alcohol policy development and also related testing under professional supervision.

Effective Policy Development

To both develop and implement an effective policy, there are a handful of fundamental components that must first be in place.

  • Effective employee notification.
  • Adequate drug awareness training for upper management.
  • Policy must reflect the legal human rights of all employees.
  • Policy must remain compliant with the existing agreement, if applicable.
  • Policy must be updated regularly to reflect changing laws.
  • Policy must be reviewed regularly.

With over 20 years of expertise, The Denning Health Group understands what it takes to write effective policy. We don’t take short cuts and we do not overlook the essentials; no matter how small these details may seem at the time in order to get the substance abuse policy developed. Creating a safe work environment benefits everyone. An employee who is confident in their workplace experiences more job satisfaction, which translates into increased productivity and revenue for your business. Thus, the main motive of any employer is maintained that is related to the workplace safety and avoidance of alcohol and drug consumption.

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