“Telling the truth is our mandate. That’s the only way to earn trust and win clients.”

Denning Health Group offers industry leading, high-level consulting services led by founder and President, Tom Yearwood, LLB. Over the last twenty years Tom has worked with some of the nation’s leading employers including multinational companies with cross border operations. Tom’s services’ are sought out by businesses for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a client already has their own policy in place, but needs more adequate training to get their business up to speed or needs on the spot advice to help with a crisis. Whatever the reason a client may need consulting services, the Denning Health Group offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Crisis management.
  • Policy development.
  • Supervisor training.
  • Executive and employee education sessions.
  • Drug and alcohol testing.
  • Site risk assessments.
  • Implementing initiatives.
  • Identifying flaws and/or deficits in your current safety program.
  • Expert knowledge of cross border safety regulations and human rights codes’.

Specializing in the transportation, resource extraction and forestry sectors, The Denning Health Group has spent over 20 years working to minimize risk factors while increasing revenue and safety standards within the workplace. Drawing on the expertise of our team, we have helped over 700 corporate clients implement strategic long-term safety plans. Our philosophy is that a genuine commitment to workplace safety is the single most important factor in determining the health and success of your business.


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