About our Walk-in Clinics

About our Walk-in Clinics

Most of our 7 medical centers are open 7 days per week and are conveniently located in busy shopping malls on bus and skytrain routes. Our sites provide both family medicine and same day non-emergency care. Our patients have access to a variety of specialists with very short waiting lists.


We strive to meet the needs of our patients by providing service outside of the standard business hours of 9 – 5. Some of our centers open as early as 7:30 in the morning and some of our centers offer evening hours as well. Most of our centers are open at least one day on the weekend.


An appointment is never necessary and we can often accommodate patients within a short time of their arrival.

Appointments are available at some centers for patients who prefer booked appointments.

Services at our Walk-In Centers

Our walk-in centers act as an alternative to long emergency room waits for a variety of minor injuries, including but not limited to: sutures for minor lacerations; corneal foreign body removal and flushing; treatment of minor burns; asthma treatment with oxygen; and post-car accident assessment and treatment of minor injuries.

Our centers welcome WCB, MVA and ICBC patients.

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