Drug and Alcohol Testing Vancouver

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services in Metro Vancouver

Denning Health Group provides a wide variety of drug and alcohol testing programs and each program was designed to meet the unique needs of a valued client. Our clients include companies involved in transportation, forestry, and resource extraction, as well as government social workers, probation officers and law enforcement officials. Denning Health Group is always accepting new clients and, if you would like to receive your custom-tailored proposal, please email Traci Weaver at tweaver@denninghealth.ca or call 604-572-4558.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Locations in Metro Vancouver

Denning Health Group offers secure and professional drug and alcohol testing services, including court-order drug tests, hair drug tests, and pre-employment drug tests, in our clinics located in Abbotsford, B.C. and Surrey, B.C.

Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing: Trucking Companies

Are you a trucking company or tour bus operator going into the United States? If so, we can provide a turn-key program for your DOT (Department of Transportation) mandated drug and alcohol testing requirements.

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Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing: Industrial Companies

Denning recommends ELITE as an effective tool for the prevention of drug and alcohol problems within safety-sensitive work environments. Since 1995, companies in forestry, mining, and manufacturing have benefited from our experience in creating and implementing such programs.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing for Social Workers

The programs we have developed for social workers are also a valuable monitoring and intervention tool for probation officers and others involved in law enforcement.

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Court-Ordered Drug and Alcohol Testing

If you have been ordered by the courts in British Columbia to submit to a hair follicle or urine drug test, then we may be able to help you. If the courts have not ordered you to take a test but you are being asked to submit to one by a family member or ex-spouse, then we may also be able to help you.

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Drug Testing: Medical-Review Officer

A Medical-Review Officer (MRO) is a licensed physician who can determine whether or not an alternate medical explanation exists for a laboratory confirmed positive, adulterated or invalid drug test result.

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